1. Awesome quality projects

    We provide high quality projects to all its domestic as well as international clients.

  2. Seo Services

    We give moderate SEO services & abroad and ensure your SEO campaign so you get greatest advantage for the measure of money which you spend on your site.

  3. Agile Methodology

    we use agile methodology for improving the overall productivity of the project with greater optimization.

  4. Mobile Application Development

    Our team efficiently develops applications for any mobile operating system, irrespective of devices. All of our Mobile Apps support the latest and upgraded versions of ios and Android.

We committed to helping

Budget Teknologies has been practicing and handling cases independently with a result oriented approach. We have gained many years of experience in providing services such as Data Security,Compliance Management Software Development Services,Digital Signature Consultants.

Solutions With Futuristic Thinking

We look beyond the small stuff in order to see the big picture . We Think broad, think strategic, and think long-term!

We Design To Impress

We are a generative creative company delivering branded and interactives designs through a new-technology .

Tablet and Mobile Optimization

the optimization for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, contributes to improving the usability and optimal display.

Latest Portfolio

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Clamp meter connected to an AC monitors the current flow and indicates usage (range) through green,

read more March 2018


Clamp meter connected to an AC monitors the current flow and indicates usage (range) through green,

read more March 2018


Clamp meter connected to an AC monitors the current flow and indicates usage (range) through green,

read more March 2018

What we Do

We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice.

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Mobile App Development

Desktop Software Development

SEO Optimization

Hosting Services

Logo and Branding

Our Success Tranformation Story

2016-2017 Starting point

Budget Teknologies

Budget Teknologies believe in writing the “epitah of success” by her own hands. Becoming successful and writing the “accomplishment stories” is no easy task. It was started by Mr. Ashish Goel in June 2012, who was a former employee at Infosys, Pune. After working for three years , he thought of starting his own company, as he was a visionary and therefore wanted to set up a software venture.Some of the developers like Bilal, Rajan, Farooqi etc. contributed significantly and developed some of the projects like CKMAC in 2016, Tubexp and Alanda Capital Management In 2017, some other good developers like Aparna, Anjali, Ayushi contributed to the company in form of MNP, Guru Computer Zone and Sahe Society. All these 3 projects were made in ASP.NET Core. Venue Listing , a major PHP project was also completed in 2017.

2017-2018 Main Phase

Budget Teknologies

After eight to nine months, Aparna was designated as HR of the company. In 2017 and 2018, the developers along with Ashish completed Medbharat in 2018. Medbharat is an ecommerce website, which can store almost one crore products. It is one of the most successful projects, the organization can boast of.Jeet Kumar, Dainik,Anand, Nikhil and deepika are some of the awesome developers who are working on Berozgaari Bhagao and have completed in Mumbai Coin and Kyptora.Revamping the current website of the company is also done by them.Budget Teknologies is one of the successful software companies in the suburbs of Lucknow.

Everything That We Do For Our Clients
Happens In-House

Never OutSource To Others

We're keeping all of our web development 100% in-house .We never have and never will outsource web development.

Project Collaboration via BaseCamp

We work toward a common goal: FINISHING A PROJECT TOGETHER.

Single Point Of Contact

Users/customers have single point of contact for all problems, questions, and work requests.

We are Providing great Services

Budget Teknologies offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. Everything from creating standards of excellence to training your people to work in more effective ways.

Our Client Say

We committed to helping you maintain your Brand Value.

Dainik kumar
Software developer

this company provides web application and software application in low cost.and trained fresher

Software developer

It is nice Company

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